The Strap-On Part III

As you may have gathered, strap-on technology supports a wide range of different configurations, but there is more. There are even more specialty ones, including a model that expands when attached to a bulb that expands and after squeezing water can be released and ejaculate any warm liquid substance, very much like the human penis. Or if you’re using it like a butt plug it acts as a sophisticated enema device during anal intercourse.

Inflatable anal dildos can be inserted in the rectum somewhat small, but can expand to an astonishing size and if the recipient can handle it, it can be a very liberating experience. As it slowly stretches the rectum wider and wider it can reach proportions impossible to achieve with standard dildos and butt plugs. When the device “ejaculates” some have recorded an extremely intense orgasm allowing the receiver to experience an enema during the process of the sex act.

Although this process may seem bizarre to some, those who are into kink find this an extremely powerful orgasmic experience. Some have even claimed it has renewed their interest in sex if they are taking some medications with side effects that have robbed their desire for sex. Finally, this harness configuration can also accommodate for electro-stimulation and some BDSM mistresses who offer this as part of their menu of service.

Another feature important to those with erectile dysfunction and cannot provide their partner with the normal function of sexual intercourse, can utilize a hollow dildo in which they insert their penis inside this strap-on rig, allowing them to penetrate their partner in classic sexual intercourse manner.

Positioning is an often an extremely important part of strap-on use. These include:

Doggy Style: which allows the deepest penetration for both vaginal as well as anal penetration.

Missionary: the classic and most performed position, giving participants face-to-face as well as eye contact which intensifies the process. This position also allows for anal penetration, which can be aided by placing a pillow under the recipient for optimum effectiveness.

Bent Over: where the male stands or kneels while holding onto a piece of furniture in a position that allows maximum stimulation of the prostate, intensifying the orgasm.

In closing, the use of a strap-on during any sexual experience opens many additional doors that otherwise might be closed and therefore this humble harnessing device used for the attachment of numerous dildos and vibrators or any other sex toy is an amazing concept that many couples have used to combat an otherwise humdrum sex life. It unleashes immense creative thinking that arises often unexpectedly during the process and has even saved some couples relationship as a result.

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Vibrating Thong Panties

Vibrating Panties Image

You, as a regular reader of the already know about the often astounding world of dildos and vibrators and as experts in this field, we will continue to bring you the latest in cutting-edge developments and we couldn’t pass up this item any longer: Swedish Erotica Wireless Remote Control Sexy Sapphire 3 Speed Vibrating Thong by California Exotics. This company has brought you some of the most amazing products and since the owner of this company is a woman, I’m sure you’d like to know about some of the most amazing female products she and her company have developed. Like we said, we just had to bring this to your attention.

 If you’re a woman who thrives on fantasy, imagine what it would be like to be anywhere in the world and be able to enjoy a fantasmic orgasmic experience any time you want and in any setting and at any place possible. Imagine if you’re sitting outside at a tiny street café and your thoughts drift to that mouth-watering man walking by or that scrumptious femme fatale a table or two away or that “to die for” couple sitting at a nearby bench and you think about a threesome? What would it be worth to you to be able to reach down between your legs and begin to pleasure yourself while your mind flits back and forth between all the people who turn you on in your immediate vicinity? Unless you’re a hardcore exhibitionist who gets turned on by masturbating in public and you really don’t care what others think, you are in the minority, But if you’re like most, you just have to sit there quietly and save the moment when you’re in the privacy of your room and finish the fantasy later.

Katherine Heigl’s intense orgasm by vibrating panties

Movie : The Ugly Trurth


Well, we’ve got news for you…you can achieve your orgasm right then and there with the Vibrating Thong.  Just reach into your purse and flip on the remote control switch and capture the moment with a sly smile edging over your lips.  So give in to your desire and open up your mind…let your fantasies unwind.  Your creativity here is your only limitation.

 At Susie’s Delights we have been carrying this marvelous product since it was released we are always running out.  The dildos and vibrators here are always special, so order yours now or cum in to our shop where this fantasy and many more are waiting for you.

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The Strap-On: Part II


In part one of Strap-ons we covered some history, some technique, some philosophy and some placement ideas for dildos and vibrators used for the strap-on.  In this installment, it’s important to understand the materials involved, the dildo varieties and how they work together.

Of course, the business end of the standard strap-on dildo is comprised of latex or some other synthetic material, but the harness had a wide range of materials including what’s called synthetic leather.  Nylon webbing and soft leather material is more durable, but requires more maintenance; cloth is used in conjunction with strap-ons affixed to clothing; stronger plastics like vinyl are extremely durable, easy to clean and come in a variety of colors (even transparent) guaranteed to spice up even the most jaded fetish aficionado; and finally latex, some rubber and PVC materials are used by many because they are generally more inexpensive and, except for PVC, many latex and rubber materials are more flexible and therefore more comfortable.

In general, there is a wide array of dildo designs, and for strap-on use they are an astonishing variety of designs, shapes, sizes and colors.

 Traditional – The traditional dildo resembles the male penis and can be very simple or amazingly real.  Many harness arrangements are extremely versatile and some even have changeable mounts to accommodate many different kinds of dildos.  Some deluxe harness models are sold with a full set of different sex toys depending on the “mood.”  Safe to say that nearly every dildo has a harness home, but asking a dealer the right questions should help the aggressive shopper find what they need. There are also some custom leather craftsmen who specialize in creating a harness design from scratch, replete with carved designs.

Probe – The probe-shaped dildo works best for beginners as the simple design accommodates for easy insertion   However, for the more advanced user, the probe is usually part of a whole orchestra of probes, dildos, vibrators and butt plugs that are affixed to one sometimes complicated harness device designed to maximize multiple users – all at the same time.  It’s a sort of “cluster-fuck” look for a cluster-fuck group resembling a cluster-fuck encounter much like the famous Vegas circus act with the French name.

 The Prostate & G-spot – Two important male and female sex centers in the body are the prostate and the elusive G-spot.   There are harnesses designed to stimulate either; it just depends on placement of the device on the harness.  The device used, whether dildo or vibrator or probe they all have in common a curved or crooked shape created to hit either region if placed correctly.

 Textured – Some dildos mounted for harnessing also include a plethora of textured ones that have a landscape with as much variety as the many geological shapes and terrains in the Mojave and Sonoran deserts.  There are bumpy, bulbous, clubbed, coiled, crooked, curved, humped, knotted, lumpy, nodular, notched, ribbed, ringed, ropy, scalloped, scrolled, spiraled, switch-backed, toothed, turtle-backed, twisted, whorled, zigzagged patterns and some that defy description resembling something sported by a mythical creature from “middle earth.”  The net effect is that whatever texture or shape turns you on, there is a strap awaiting.

Vibrating & Rotating – Movement of any vibrator or dildo is important, especially the kind that emanates from the unit itself and a whole classification of dildos that are relatively new have been designed to intensify the experience.  But this element challenges the use of a strap-on harness as it should be able to hold up to all kinds of motions – movements of the act itself as well as the unit in use.  A tall order, since many of these devices are also heavier than the quiet ones.  This is where discussion with an expert might be of help.  So before you purchase any heavy, motorized artillery, recon this area carefully for specialized covert intel and make sure you know that your ordnance and your own personal equipment is up to the mission.  Take no prisoners!

Double Penetration – These are duplex dildos, which have two shafts, one stacked on top of the other.  The top one is usually larger and positioned above a smaller one and are used mostly by women and for women to achieve double penetration into the vagina and anus simultaneously.  They exist because this configuration is ideal for women couples who want both, however, the only drawback may be its limitations on positioning both the device and the bodies for maximum pleasure.

Susie’s Delights carries most of these devices, but special orders on dildos, vibrators and the appropriate strap-ons are just a moment away.  Call for further information.

Final Installment:  Strap-on Part III:  Strap-On Vibrators, Sexual Positions & Uses.

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The Strap On: Part I



A strap on is a very powerful sex tool and taking dildos and vibrators to the next level.  We use the word powerful, because the strap-on is designed primarily for female use and gives a woman who may be obsessed with “penis envy” the very thing they feel they might need:  a penis.  If the woman is gay, straight or both, certainly a strap-on device would, for all intents and purposes, be a must-have item in their pleasure chest of tools.  Even for a woman with penis envy, the strap-on gives them the power over their female or male partner, because—lets face it—it feels pretty good to have a penis between your legs when you look down and see that penis enter into a vagina or an asshole and begin thrusting.  That male-like dominant position for man or beast is the reason why the cock crows at the hen house and the hens come a-runnin’ to please the rooster perched high on the fence.

Dildos themselves have been around for centuries, but until the 19th century, tracking the history of the strap-on used in conjunction with a dildo is very sketchy.  However it is believed in ancient Greece some dildos were made of leather and some evidence suggests that the leather dildo might have had a strap affixed to one end and could have been part of some kind of harness rig and that olive oil was used as a lubricant during penetration.  The ancient sex instruction manual the Kama Sutra mentions dildos made from a wide range of materials including a strapped harness arrangement.

So let’s take a look at the many uses and varieties of strap-on technology. The unique feature of a strap-on is a harness device that resembles a jockstrap that holds a dildo onto the front end where the wearer can become the active participant in providing either vaginal or anal intercourse on the passive partner.  While generally the wearer is usually female, males of course can wear a strap-on either by choice or due to some physical issue that does not allow him to use his penis for sexually activity.  It gives both parties the ability to penetrate the passive partner, allowing a sexual turn-on that would otherwise not be available for whatever reason.

The variety and uses of the strap-on are astonishing.  Let’s start with the harness.  A strap-on without a harness can still be a strap-on, but first we’ll cover the basics. The simplest version is a two-strap variety which, while simple, usually doesn’t provide as secure a hold as the three strap variety, which is secured on each leg and does resemble a jockstrap.  Some strap-on sex toys are built into some articles of clothing or can be integrated with regular clothing using different strap attachments with small buckles and-or Velcro material.

 Other harness arrangements are designed for the attachment to other parts of the body, including the thigh, which can make it possible for an extremely wide range of positioning and unusual access while other limbs, legs, fingers, feet, chin and head position can be called into play that would put a Kama Sutra priest to shame. The chin strap-on does wonders for performing cunnilingus and analingus while filling up an otherwise lonely orifice. When no one is around and sexual activity is a private show of one, there are harness attachments that can be affixed to just about any household furniture or appliance. Finally, there is a stand-alone device that looks like a famous “Monster” creature out of a well- known animated motion picture.  It’s a ball with a dildo attached which can be used all by its little lonesome, providing a bouncing experience much like those big balls kids use to bounce around the room.

 Next Installment:  Strap-on Part II: Strap-on Harness Materials, Dildo Varieties, Strap-On Vibrators, Sexual Positions & Uses.

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The Butt Plug

Butt Plug Sex Toy

If dildos and vibrators are the mainstay and most-often used category of sex toys, what other sex toys are there that provide further stimulation? Well, no doubt just about every kind of object—whether manufactured for sexual pleasure or not—has been inserted in just about every orifice in the human body.  However, we don’t have the time or the space to go into every object on the planet that will fit in a vagina, rectum, mouth, penis, nostril, ear and yes, folks, the female urethra. If there’s a hole in the human body, something foreign has been in it at one time or another.

One of the most-often mentioned objects used to stimulate private parts besides the vagina or the penis, is one that’s designed the same for both men and women: the humble, but reliable butt plug.  Even the sound of the name of this device seems to fit the billing.  There is a finality and simple descriptive nomenclature that everyone can understand what it is and what it does.  Let’s get down to the story behind this surprisingly versatile device that makes some people squirm with pleasure…and some just plain squirm.

The butt plug is designed specifically for anal use and its conical streamlined shape couldn’t be better if it was tested in a wind tunnel and created by a team of aircraft designers. Sizes vary considerably, but the butt plug is usually shorter than a dildo…but it can be thicker as well.  There’s a notched area surrounding its base and a flange at the very bottom to prevent it from escaping outward or (more importantly) inward.  The vagina ends where the cervix begins, which limits penetration.  The rectum, however, is a superhighway that keeps going and going into the colon and beyond.  Therefore objects inserted can be lost and travel around, requiring surgery to remove them. Not only that, but the rectal tissues are less resistant to perforation and a sharp jab can put a hole in the surrounding tissues, causing internal bleeding and a far more serious trip to the hospital. The butt plug can be used throughout solo sex or party sex—or used to condition the area in preparation for anal sex with someone else. So the flange on the end of the butt plug and the shortness of the object itself makes it a safer sex toy for the anus.

Why use the darn thing anyway? Well, the anus is rimmed with nerve endings and while getting anything up in the nether regions requires some patience with a little bit of enjoyable discomfort thrown in, it’s worth the trip  But that is something for the novice to get over and some never do.  Some just don’t want anything to go in there because nature designed the area to get something out.  Anything else is the reason why for many decades—even centuries—sex that included use of the ass was “unnatural.”  Many religions issue statements against it, condemn it and say the most injurious things about it.

Many also think that sticking anything up there means you’re gay.  Anyone who can get past the initial discomfort and has a companion to help, after a few “workouts” that kind of stimulation—in addition to attention paid to the primary sex organs—intensifies the whole orgasm experience.  As any practiced male knows (gay or straight), any object shoved in the butt while experiencing orgasm knows that the anal sphincter, along with the entire anal canal contracts rhythmically around that object, producing a far more intense orgasm.

So while dildos and vibrators are great for the vagina, the humble butt plug works best for nature’s food terminal.

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Cock Ring

The Cock Ring Sex Toys

The Cock Ring sex toy brings to mind a metal ring that’s placed over the penis prior to sexual activity in order to capture the blood flow into the penis and help maintain an erection far longer than usual.  But the cock ring is far more than that. Cock rings also help increase the sexual stimulation in the wearer with numerous versions and just as many applications.  The cock ring itself can be made of almost any material in addition to metal, including leather, plastic, silicone or rubber.

 The cock ring is placed around the base of the penis, either by slipping it on from the top or fastening it over the area much like putting on a handcuff. More often than not both the scrotum and the penis are banded together by the cock ring and with that configuration, not only do both stand out, but when an erection occurs and the blood flows into them, it can enhance the feeling considerably in addition to keeping everything “at attention.”  Long before there were drugs and supplements to increase sexual performance and long before there was the term “erectile dysfunction,” the cock ring was the only safe way to help men increase pleasure and help maintain an erection.

 Historically this device can be traced back before the first millennium. Versions made of ivory, jade, beads, stone and animal skin were worn in theFar Eastand besides metal, the Western regions used leather and rubber versions over time.  Today cock rings are made of every conceivable material and come in a wide range of styles and functionality.  Primarily they are design with metal rings and used in conjunction with leather which can hold the ring or a set of strategically placed rings are used that not only go around the penis, but around each testicle.  This is called a “ball separator” feature and can also increase the pleasure and even the esthetics as well.  Some also have a mini vibrator attached that’s used as a clitoral stimulator.

 One feature of the cock ring that should be uppermost is the ability to release the device as quickly as possible as a safety feature.  Some metal and most leather versions (snaps) have a quick release feature to avoid any damage to the area, just in case.  Prolonged use of the device could damage the surrounding tissue and lead to an embarrassing trip the ER.

At Susie’s Delights, we carry numerous versions and brands of cock rings in addition to our line of dildos and vibrators.

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Glass Dildos


Glass Dildos

Glass dildos qualify as a special form of dildo, because of their esoteric value, as many even consider them works of art. A quick perusal of catalogs from companies and artisans who design glass dildos attest to the unique nature of these sexual aids. But before checking out the designs, a little history and technical information can help clarify myths about them and what a glass dildo is today.

 Believe it or not, glass dildos have been around since Grecian times.  Although none seemed to have survived, their replications have appeared in some of their artwork and mention of them also in their literature.  There is a vase somewhere that has a painting of a two-headed dildo that dates back to 2400 B.C. and experts believe it was made of glass. Since that time glass dildos have showed up here and there, but until the modern art of glass making reached its zenith during the nineteenth century, glass dildos were somewhat marginalized.

 Today there is a culture of glass dildos and a special kind of glass called Borosilicate with the tensile strength that makes the glass dildo very special. The process involved is complex and is the same procedure used to make glass cookware and the well-known Pyrex brand. China produces a vast majority of the high-production glass dildos while there are several boutique manufacturers in the United States producing glass dildos in breathtaking designs and colors.  Numerous models are infused with different colored glass streamers, bubbles and an infinite variety of shapes encased within the dildo, similar to the designs used in making glass smoking pipes.  (Think lava light.)

 There are a variety of procedures in their use and maintenance.  For a really great primer we suggest you go to Dangerous Lilly’s site.

 Susie’s Delights carries several varieties of glass dildos in addition to their complete line of standard dildos and vibrators.

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The We Vibe Vibrator


The We Vibe Vibrator

Dildos and Vibrators come in an almost limitless array of shapes, sizes, colors, mechanical and non-mechanical models. Some of them are extremely special and have been featured in network news reports and numerous talk shows.  One example is We Vibe, which was recently demonstrated on the famous syndicated talk show, “Dr. Oz.”    We Vibe has also been featured in numerous media, including,, Glamour, Men’s Health, Gentleman’s Quarterly, Chatelaine, Elle and “The Doctor’s Show.” Susie’s Delights has been carrying the remarkable sex device since it came on the market.

 As a result, We Vibe is now considered the single most innovative and popular sex aid available, providing an incredible hands-free, combination of simultaneous, clitoral and G-Spot vibratory stimulation.  Not only that, its unique design is so revolutionary that while all the above features work together, the best part is that when the We Vibe is firmly embedded, there’s still room for a shaft vibrator, dildo or live warm, human penis to be inserted at the same time!

 The business end of this C-shaped, flexible vibrating device is not just one, but two pod-shaped, tab-like ends (like a curved double oar), where one pod is inserted into the vagina and up into the elusive G-Spot area, while the other end is nestled firmly against the clitoris.  The thin tube-like center holds these two ends firmly in place, for a no-slip double-whammy effect on the two main female pleasure centers.  This unique out-of-the-way shape allows to accommodate additional stimulation through vaginal penetration as explained above.  She gets every conceivable pleasure center stimulated while he enjoys the We Vibe vibrating experience on his penis, hence the name, We Vibe.

 Add the fact that We Vibe has different models featuring different speed vibrations with one model equipped with a remote control where one can alter the speed and vibe variations by a simple touch of a button.   It’s no wonder that over a million We Vibes have been sold.

 At Susie’s Delights We Vibe remains its most popular sex device in its entire inventory of dildos and vibrators.

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The Dildo or the Vibrator – which one ?


vibrator-or-dildo-choices information

The Dildo and the Vibrator – Which is Better?

In the world of dildos and vibrators everyone who uses sex toys has their own opinion on what works best and there are proponents on both sides of the equation.  At Susie’s Delights we believe that a little research and can be challenging for the inexperienced.  Yes, you can do research, but the process can be overwhelming and the choices seemingly endless.  First digging through reviews can take up a lot of time and for many this is not a subject that can be talked about openly, even among close friends. For many, comparison shopping dildos and vibrators even if you’re living in a large urban area can be intimidating.


Without a doubt clitoral stimulation is the centerpiece of all female masturbation. A vibrator by itself can be a reliable principal method, sometimes may need to be combined with a dildo for the additional stimulation of penetration.  A larger vibrator has the advantage of dual penetration followed by withdrawal and clitoral stimulation or even some are shaped to encircle the clitoris and outer labia.  The mini vibrator is very popular and more versatile in that it can be more easily manipulated.

Then there are wand-shaped mid-sized and larger vibrators for G-spot and deeper vaginal stimulation.  They work best when there are more physical issues involved, including overweight women or those who may have other limitations due to age or injuries. Older women usually require more powerful vibrators and longer stimulation, so to keep those battery bills down, a rechargeable unit should be considered.


Dildos are time-honored and have a much longer history than the vibrator—centuries, as a matter of fact—and are still more commonly used than the vibrator.  There are two main categories:  1) Dildos with a hard, smooth surface and are made of numerous materials, including plastic, metal, glass and sometimes wood; 2) Flexible models are usually more detailed and may even have the look, touch and feel of a real penis.

For a beginner, the dildo is a more natural way to learn about the sexual side of your body, allowing you to better modulate and control your orgasmic path. It’s also a great way when involving a partner who can fall into the role of a participant and playing off each other’s excitement, adding to the intensity.  But for solo sessions, no matter what age or circumstances, a dildo on its own can be an extremely satisfying sex toy.

In looking for a sex toy, there’s no better way than to visit an adult entertainment boutique if at all possible.  A good sexual retailer that’s sensitive and understanding can make all the difference in deciding which way to go.  We at Susie’s Delights have a staff of ladies who have been helping consumers for over 15 years in making the right decision for their use of the dildo and/or the vibrator.

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The Jack Rabbit Vibrator

Rabbit Vibrator

The Rabbit vibrator (a.k.a. Jack Rabbit vibrator or Jessica Rabbit vibrator) not only vibrates and rotates but its special feature includes a clitoral stimulator attached to the shaft.  It’s this feature that gives it its name – the clitoral stimulator is shaped like a pair of rabbit ears. Rabbit vibrators appeared in the 1990s in response to a growing demand from women who wanted greater intensity from their sex toy.  But what really put the rabbit vibrator on the map was its appearance in the popular HBO series “Sex and the City.”  The aptly named episode was “The Turtle and the Hare,” where one of the main characters wouldn’t leave her bedroom after using the rabbit for the first time.  Subsequently, all rabbit vibrators flied off the shelves, instantly creating a whole new marketplace.

Women worldwide demanded their own rabbit and that market has since been filled with dozens of variations on the design, including the “jack rabbit” model guaranteed to “drive your clit wild” to units that also include an anal and/or G-spot stimulator. If a woman prefers the high intensity of a clitoral jackhammer then the jack rabbit is for you, or if you prefer G-spot or anal stimulation then you have that alternative.  Manufacturers understand that there’s no one unit designed for everyone.

With those rabbit ears stimulating the clit and the main shaft of the vibrator in place, women can achieve an easier, more intense orgasm without having to use both hands.  It therefore surpasses the “one note” sensations from the traditional dildo, vibrator or clitoral stimulator, since the rabbit was created for simultaneous vaginal and clitoral stimulation. The rabbit’s applications are limitless for both solo pleasure or with a partner.

The soft ears can really turn up the heat on the clit while the shaft, with its circular motion at the midsection and its pearl-shaped nubs, expands and bumps gently against the vaginal walls while the main shaft probes the deepest areas for maximum vaginal penetration.  All these features can run simultaneously or (with the right model), independently.  It gives the user complete control of their sexual experience with any number of combinations that takes orgasms to unbelievable heights.

So when shopping for a rabbit vibrator, it helps to know what really gets you off.  What works for one woman, won’t work for another.  Check out customer reviews online.  But if you really want to know, take the time to make a personal visit to a local sex store and ask the saleslady questions.  Susie’s Delights has an extremely knowledgeable staff that can help you make a wise choice.

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